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John Deere and Modern Agriculture

John Deere and agriculture go hand in hand. Over the many years, much has changed; technology has been developed, society has moved, and the face of this agricultural industry has also changed dramatically. Over each day of these changing years, John Deere has continued to stay on top of developments, to push the boundaries, and to meet the needs of today’s farmer. Now the company is even better positioned than ever to help you succeed at home.

As technology has evolved, the way that John Deere builds the real world quality equipment they produce has too. For example, when John Deere introduced their new line of zero-clearance utility trailers, they set the bar for commercial and personal utility moving and transportation. These new construction vehicles offer more value, increased capacity, improved safety, and better performance than any other single piece of equipment from John Deere. By building real world utility trailers, John Deere not only took the idea of zero-clearance utility trailers a step further, but they also capitalized on some of the latest construction technologies. These high-tech construction materials and components are able to build each of their new construction vehicles with lightweight materials and high-performance engineering.

In addition to their advancements in design and construction, John Deere is looking to improve customer satisfaction through various marketing initiatives. One such initiative is the newly developed Farmer’s Answers program. The Farmer’s Answers program was developed to address the most common questions and concerns farmers have about many of their daily tasks and concerns. The program is designed to empower consumers to easily identify and address common issues they may have regarding their daily activities, whether it be irrigation issues mechanical issues or product issues. Through this innovative program, John Deere is looking to elevate their brand value and presence in the marketplace by providing customers easier, more accurate answers to their most vexing issues.