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Dollar General Corporation is a huge US chain of retail convenience stores headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, with a total number of locations in 50 states. Dollar General Corporation was founded in 1958 by Frank Keating. As of February 2021, Dollar General has operations 16,000 stores across the continental United States.

The success of Dollar General is due to its excellent customer service, top quality products and its focus on providing excellent customer service. When it comes to products, Dollar General always comes up with the best and this is evident from the fact that the dollar range includes popular and most preferred brands such as Home Depot, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Lowes, Lanes and a lot more. Another great thing about this store is that they sell all types of merchandise ranging from household appliances to clothing. Their assortment of private brands is also impressive. It has a well recognized and renowned reputation for having great private brands.

In addition, this store caters to various individuals who are looking for affordable prices on home products such as cleaners, laundry detergents, home cleaning supplies and other home products. They offer a good amount of discount and rebates for their customers who purchase a certain number of items. Also, this store has dedicated a lot of efforts to providing their consumers with good customer care experience by offering various self-service check out options such as having a self-service consultant to help customers with their selections, etc. Other great features that make this Dollar General store stand out from the rest is that they have private brand merchandise which is sold at a really affordable price, they also have a great customer care experience and they offer a variety of branded home cleaning supplies.