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Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual Internship program

The Northwestern Mutual Internship program is a unique way for students to gain valuable work experience and gain valuable hands-on training in the area of business administration and insurance. This program allows students to gain valuable real-world work experience in the areas of finance, insurance, marketing, sales, and law offices. Students typically juniors and seniors studying business and finance can expect to gain valuable knowledge and experience by participating in the internship program, which is supervised by nationally certified financial planners and insurance specialists. By participating in the internship program, students are also able to meet and network with successful professionals who may help them later in their careers or with investment opportunities in their home state.

The Northwestern Mutual Internship program is a unique

As part of the Northwestern Mutual College internship program, students will be able to complete projects that range from one to three weeks. Students will be able to choose from a variety of projects including accounting, law, economics, and financial services industry-leading internships. Experiments are conducted under the supervision of faculty and are led by nationally certified financial services experts. Students are expected to utilize all skills and abilities while participating in the internships. A majority of the internships are conducted in-house and at times some extra-curricular activities are included as well.

To learn more about the various industry-leading internship programs provided by Northeastern Mutual Insurance Company, browse through the site. Full-time and part-time Northeastern Mutual interns will have the opportunity to utilize their skills in a number of areas including finance, marketing, and sales. Students will be provided with ample work experience in the areas of finance, insurance, sales, and legal office support. The company works with experienced professionals to ensure that each student is provided with exceptional training and a challenging curriculum designed to help Northeastern Mutual Insurance students achieve financial security for 160 years.

A Northwestern Mutual Internship Can Provide Valuable Experience

Northeastern Mutual Insurance Company is an international insurance company, which offers its employees a comprehensive benefits package including Paid Time Off, Health, Disability and Life Insurance as well as Retirement Plans. The company has also worked very hard to ensure that their benefits package is the best in the industry by offering competitive employee perks and educational benefits. This has been made possible through the years of work the company has put into their internship programs. Northeastern Mutual Insurance’s goal is to give the best employee support to each one of their employee across the country. So many opportunities have been opened because of this dedication by the company to making sure that they are as helpful to all of their associates as they can be.

Northeastern Mutual Insurance’s latest internship program was recently named one of the “100 Best Companies for Financial Representative Internships” by payroll giant Manpower Group. Northeastern Mutual has chosen fourteen college students from across the United States to receive valuable financial planning experience at their nationwide accredited internship program in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Asheville, North Carolina offices. The company has also chosen four from among the top fifteen overall public high school graduates in the nation for the same position. This internship will serve as the foundation upon which the young professionals begin their careers in the insurance industry. During their time at the internship program, these young professionals will gain valuable insight into the best practices of the insurance industry, including how to obtain a Professional Lippert qualification.

Northeastern Mutual Insurance’s goal is to help create the most stable and financially sound workplace for each one of its employees. Each one of the many thousands of employees at the company is motivated to provide the very best service to customers. This is made possible through the high quality benefits packages that are available, as well as a strong educational program that helps them develop skills that they will need to succeed in this exciting field. If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career in the insurance industry, you may want to consider a move to Northeastern Mutual Insurance’s Greenville, South Carolina internship program.

Northwestern Mutual provides Numerous Opportunities For Internship

Since 1967, more than 52,000 high school students have participated in Northwestern Mutual’s internship program, which has enabled them to obtain well-paid positions with insurance companies throughout the United States and Canada. The internship program is a joint effort between the students and the major insurance holding companies such as Allstate, GEICO, and Travelers. Northwestern Mutual also ranks very high in America s top ten internships in career development and financial services from the Magazine Guide to Internships, Part I. This prestigious magazine covers aspects of business, finance, media, technology, education, and health care industries.

In their third year of offering the internship program to college students, they encourage young professionals to participate in it as well as local community service, political activism, and community service activities. This effort is to create well-rounded well-paid workers by preparing the students for leadership positions in various fields in the insurance industry. They also provide opportunities for internships, volunteering, and other hands on training, along with weekend programs and short course work. This year, nineteen out of twenty interns will be employed by the leading insurance companies.

Over fifty percent of the interns remained committed throughout their four years of association with Northwestern Mutual. Nearly every student that became a member of the board remains committed to their continued participation as an independent contractor, providing opportunities for increased income and job security. These employees have significantly impacted many students in the areas of: public relations, business skills, risk management, and sales and service.

Each of these internships provided exceptional opportunities to develop important skills that are relevant to fulfilling long-term career goals. Furthermore, by participating in the Northwestern Mutual internship program students demonstrated they had the ability to achieve and maintain strong academic and personal achievements while gaining real-world work experience.